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How Minecraft Relates To Christianity

Minecraft is a game where you defend your house from enemies and try to destroy the ender dragon. This game relates a lot to Christianity. It relates to our struggle with faith in a unique way. It’s like you versus Satan and you’re shooting arrows to try to defeat him. You swing your sword against temptation and lies to try and stop them from corrupting your soul. Without swinging your sword Satan will take you down one heart at a time. If you don’t pray or read the bible you’re leaving yourself exposed and undefended from Satan.


Minecraft is a good example of our struggle with faith. It’s a constant battle and if you don’t shoot your arrows well you might die. The only way to defeat the devil is with God. If you follow and obey God there is no way the devil can get to you, just like Minecraft. If you defend your diamond armor well there is no way the enemy can defeat you. But defense isn’t the only thing that matters. Without offence, your enemy will also be unharmed.


Our goal as Christians is to resist and defeat the devil. So we must do things like tell people about Jesus and do nice things for others to defeat the devil. If we spread the word of God more and more people will resist the devil and Satan will become more and more powerless. In Minecraft, you play online and if you get lots of friends they will help you and you will be stronger. If we recruit people to follow Jesus and resist the devil we will become more powerful and God will reward us with life in heaven.


God can use all of us to do great things. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or weak or ugly. God can use you to do great things. In Minecraft a wimpy wooden swords can destroy an enderman. Do not be worried if your physical appearance is not powerful or beautiful. It’s the inside that counts. If you pray and worship God you can be more powerful than anyone. If you love God and block attacks from Satan you are mighty and you have the upper hand in the war against Satan.


Minecraft is my favorite game. I play it every night before I go to bed. It’s a habit. Sometimes habits can be good and sometimes they can be bad. Reading the bible everyday is a good habit to get into. I read a few verses of the bible every morning to get myself ready for the day. A bad habit to get into is to lie. After lying once you get more and more used to it and after a while almost everything you say is a lie. Satan tempts us to lie. He makes us think that if we lie it would be better than telling the truth. In Minecraft I lied about winning a hunger game because I thought It would make me look better at the game. But in the end, nobody really cared that I won. There is no point in lying.


In the end Minecraft is just a game and Christianity is the way to eternal life with God in heaven. We must follow God and resist Satan. Praise God.

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  1. Nice one Charles! I love how you can relate a topic that is not the Bible and Jesus to the Bible. Also lots of people play this game and this could be a great way for them to understand God better. Great point about the reading of the Bible. I need to do that more often myself.

  2. Wow this really makes me think differently about the bible

  3. My eyes have been opened

  4. How does Roblox relate to Christianity?

  5. good one charlie you are a cool cat

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