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Everyone sometimes hits a point when they are working or studying. Trust me I have many times. I would be studying for a test and get frustrated because I was studying for 3 hours or sometimes more. I wanted to stop and just relax. I would argue with my parents because they kept pushing me to keep studying. They said that if I just sat around and not putting in the time then I wont get a good result. My dad gave an example which was a garden. If you have a garden and you don’t take the time to tend the soil and to put some physical work into it, then you wont get a good outcome. But if you put the time into the garden then you will get a good outcome. Way better than the person who was lazy. This is just like school or work. You put the time into doing your school work, when you graduate you can have so many options for a career rather than the person who didn’t work hard. Another example that my dad told me was about professional sports teems. Sports teems practice every day, usually doing the same thing over and over again. They practice usually 3 hours on the field or ice and about 3 hours off doing training in the gym. They persevere so that they can get better at what they do. They would rather do something else, but they want to get better at what they are passionate about. I was recently studying for a test. I studied hard, I didn’t want to study for that long, but I ended up doing it. I persevered and I got a really good mark on that test. I got my reward for the work that I did. So if you are studying for a huge exam or having to do something that you don’t want to do. Then persevere and you will get your reward.

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