Transform , Not Conform.


We are Not to conform but to transform.

In 2009  in Canada, there were 3,890 suicides.

In 2012 in Canada, there were 3,926 suicides.

On average in the world there are one million suicides every year.

According to WHO in the world a person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

A broken world, broken countries, broken families, broken people.

Is it a world without hope, or is there just not enough people spreading the hope that is left.

What if Your best friend committed suicide, Or your mother? Or Your father?. Your whole life flipped upside down instantly. All hope would be lost. Or Would it? What if the things that flip our lives upside down have the power to turn are life in the right direction.

Hundreds of thousands of people’s lives being flipped and smacked in the face and then spat on. What if you, no, not somebody else… you! had the power to give hope to those lost in the aftermath of devastation.  Pain is not a narrow term, no it’s a universal term. Pain brings destruction, death, suicide, killing, agony. We all want the opposite of pain, But what is the opposite of pain? Many say Comfort, delight ease enjoyment and peace. But what brings those things to you? Hope, the wildfire of this world that only needs a spark to ignite the hearts of millions. We hear stories of Christians who while they are being burned alive they are praising god. What if we could have not just a taste of that genuine hope but a fistful. Sure, most people in Canada and the us and parts of Europe are not being burned for our faith. But What if you, wherever you are you could have that same spark deep inside of you. Do you know someone who needs hope.

I think most of us do, but there’s something holding us back. You wake up, you get ready for the day, you have breakfast, you head to work or maybe school? What are you forgetting? You brushed your teeth, you have all your things you need to be able to work. What are you forgetting? I’ll tell you what your forgetting, you’re forgetting about the person who asked to talk with you or the kid at school who asked you to pray for them. Or maybe you’re just forgetting the simple fact. The world you want will not be formed unless you act. Sometimes the simplest acts can make the most complex changes. A smile, a wave, a high five, a hug. The act of acknowledging and not declining Can save a life. Espérer, esperanza, Hoffnung, hoppas, Tá súil, spem, gobeithio, You see hope is a word known all across the world in many different countries. Yet so many people are trapped in a dark, terrible, and horrid cave full of boulders that block out the light.

But what if you, could let go of your pride for an instance and take the risk of going against the norm.  Pick up your hammer and break a crack in the boulders so that, the bright light of hope will shine in the cave and give hope to those trapped. And once one person finds hope then another finds hope and another and another and another until right before your eyes the captives are set free. And you will have set the fire blazing all around. Igniting people’s souls and lives with peace, tranquility and courage.

In one of my all time favourite movies, The Shawshank redemption, a man is falsely accused for murdering his wife and  the man she was cheating on him with. He gets two life sentences. Now throughout the movie he goes through a lot of crap in the prison. But he always had hope. Every year he had a new project. He made a library , he taught a man to read and write. And much more. Now obviously I’m not going to spoil the ending. Even throughout being falsely accused for murder, going to prison, spending every day getting brutally beaten for 2 months he always had hope. Andy Dufrane, the main character said “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.”, Now obviously this is a fictional story but that doesn’t mean we cant learn from it. Many people say “every good thing comes to an end”. But the truly good thing like Gods love and your faith and HOPE can never die. Really the only thing someone cant take from you if your beliefs . Even when someone is killed, that hope that lived inside of them didn’t die.

So, all it takes is a spark, one small spark can destroy pain and give hope to those oppressed by the darkness. And to shine a light on their path. Don’t conform , but instead… transform. Yes there is pain and suffering in this world but that’s not to say it can’t be conquered. Be the spark! Be the hammer! Be the hope! Be the light!

John 1:5

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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