Walking Through Divorce

Divorce. This is something that almost 50% of all children will witness. Think of all the people living without their father or mother. All the kids who won’t learn how to properly maintain a healthy marriage because of how their parents handled theirs. All the broken hearts that see their loved ones being hurt. I have personally experienced this; I know what it’s like. There are so many people who endure the brutal tearing of their family.

How can we deal with this when it feels like nobody cares? How do we deal with the anger, frustration, confusion, sadness, or disappointment in a healthy way?

The first thing that we need to know, in every situation, is that God loves us and cares for us. Maybe you’re not in that place yet where you can even accept that. Or maybe you’re too angry with the world to even consider the fact that you’re not alone.

That is totally fine. I get it.

The purpose of this article isn’t an attempt to fix your problems, or force you to believe something you may not be ready to hear. I wrote this to give you hope. There is greater life waiting for you than you could ever imagine! You are immensely important and your value doesn’t come from how “tidy” your life may seem. You determine how you’re going to deal with the circumstances that you’re given.

I think that everything happens for a reason, no matter how devastating circumstance may be. Try to use this to relate to people going through the same thing. Use it as a testimony for people who need to hear that there is hope for them. Know that you can determine how your going to deal with the hand your given. You can learn from it, or become harsh and closed off.

I think that the key to overcoming this major obstacle in life, is to know that it’s not your fault. I know many people who think that their parents divorce was because of them. This is totally false. The parents are the ones who aren’t getting along and you couldn’t have done anything to fix it.

Even though this may sound cliché, God has great plans for you and your life. This obstacle can turn you into a better person if you let it. This personally has helped me become more helpful, less selfish and more content with what I get. Don’t let the devil plant those seeds of doubt and hatred toward yourself and your parents. Know that everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, you have been massively affected by them. Even if you are not very fond of a parent, try to spend time with both. They love you and want a relationship with you.

What can you do with all the feelings you have? Try to release everything by doing physical activity. It may seem like the most useless thing to do, but trust me, it really makes a difference. Leave everything on the field or on the court. You could also use these feeling and put them into creating art or music.

Even though this is a horrible situation, know that people care about you. Try to surround yourself with positive role models. Talk to your friends about it. Letting people in your life strengthens relationships and helps you bond with your friends. Telling them about your troubles also builds trust and give them an opportunity to open up about their issues as well. If you don’t really have any, 9 words is a great place to ask for advice and help. Everyone here would be glad to help you through whatever difficulty you are going through.

Also, go to God and give Him your troubles. Carrying the weight of all the pain you’re experiencing can really drag you down. God is so much bigger than all of this. You’ll feel so much lighter and happier if you let God handle the situation. I know it sound easier than it actually is but this is a very important step if you want to grow in your faith and become a better person.

No matter what you are feeling in life and whatever you are going through, you are loved and wanted. It’s ok to feel whatever you are feeling. It’s not uncommon to be angry or confused. I think that it is expected. Please don’t let your fear of rejection or think that you’re the only one hinder you from sharing these issues with people you trust. You may have so many unanswered questions which is completely fine.

Just remember that even when the world seems like its crumbling beneath your feet, God will be there to catch you.

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