A Balance – Light in Darkness

You ever have those days where it seems everything in the world is against you? Everyone seems to need you for something and it is too much to handle and you do not want to let anyone down. It slowly pushes down on you, crushing you further and further. You put bars up to try and protect yourself, but darkness keeps closing in. “Be positive! You will be fine! You control your own actions and emotions, stop being depressed and sad! Change it!” All these voices people push at you. Maybe you do not want to. Maybe every once and a while you just want to break. Maybe you are sick and tired of being told to be happy all the time. You have spent all this time faking a smile and keeping to yourself and maybe you do not want to anymore.

It is okay to feel this way. Believe it or not, whoever is telling you to always be happy is wrong. We have negative emotions for a reason. Without the darkness, we would never be able to see the light. We would not even recognize the light as something amazing because we would get used to it. Yet we do not have to live in constant darkness. It should not overcome us completely. These emotions in our heads that weigh down on us are okay to feel, it is okay to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. However, letting ourselves believe that this is just how life is does not help. We stop looking for the light and just accept that darkness might be it. That is incorrect. Looking for the light can help, even if it is hard.

I know myself that every once and a while there are those little things that just bring a smile to your face. Even on our worst days there are little rays of sunshine. Yeah, it does sound cheesy. Those warm feelings you get, they really do feel like little rays of sunshine. We do not have to live in constant warmth and happiness. There are days, maybe even full weeks, that seem dark. However, just because it is dark, does not mean you should block out the light. Negative emotions are allowed, sometimes they are even encouraged. Just remember that even from the darkest places there can come light. Do not push it away, even when you want to stay in the darkness. The darkness may seem comforting, but eventually it will get so dark you can not see. You need the light otherwise you will get lost. The little rays of sunshine.

There needs to be a balance. We can not have just darkness or just light. We can not have too much of one or we may never appreciate the other. We can not have a perfect balance right down the middle or we will become accustomed to each. Negativity is okay in appropriate situations and in certain amounts, but remember the light.


John 1:5 – The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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