Brokenness Brings Opportunity

A while ago, in my home town, a man went on a rampage through the city.  He first  hit a police officer with his vehicle and then stabbed him, and then continued down a busy street and hit four people.

Between events like this and all of the hurricanes of this year, it feels like God is a very distant figure for me.  Where is He?  Where is He?   I have repetitively asked where He is.  But then I remember the whisper of trust.  Every time that it will work out.

Our God is a God of mystery and wonder, and He leaves us in awe and through all of this we have the opportunity to turn back to each other.  We look to our neighbours and they will help us back up.  We will come together in community.  During these times, God shows how we fall through the cracks, but when we fall, His hand comes in through the darkness and the Lord truly shows the best of humans in these times.  He may allow something that will just shatter us but we will stand, humbly in His presence and He will shine through and pick up the broken pieces.  I trust in that God.  I trust in a God that will bring everyone around us to help us in our brokenness.

When we come together and truly wear our hearts on our sleeve, it is at that moment that I begin to notice something.  Whatever we are going through, we can do it with Him.  There is a famed passage of Scripture that says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens. When that happens, when we come together as this broken, hurt, shattered world, it is then that we can come and just stand in the silence.  We can find the bond as we look through the dust and then reach out a hand; not worried about the hand that is going to grab it on the other end. It is at this moment that we lift each other up not as an individual but as a whole community.

So when we are hurt, remember this.  When stand before God perplexed, we can know that as a community, as a whole we will rise from the ashes and grow like a beautiful flower.  That may someday when the people and events of our lives cause us to wither and die, it is then that we can ask God, “what now?

This repetitive chain of events will strengthen our relations with each other and with the God who oversees all of those events as the interweaving of our life’s story. Psalm 34:18 says the lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  This appeals to us because we are best when broken.

God takes our life’s offering of clay, which may look like a worthless blob to us, but He can shape us into a beautiful being of His creation and through this we help others to be shaped.  When we become the one that tries to mold our selves we fix brokenness with crumbling dust.  We may look good for a while, but then we return to our brokenness. We think we can do it but it is too hard to take by ourselves and it affects us and our well being.

I hope these thoughts are helpful to those that find themselves in the crumbling.  I know a God who is there, and is walking us through the broken stones.

Because I know He offers life.  And breath.  And healing.

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