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Light through the Darkness

‘Twas a bleak and horrid enclosure. A world plagued with the sin of the people, the falling of empires. Downpour. Wars. The blood of the innocent rained many. But still, amongst that storm, trailing the ruins of that fire, was the gold. Though nonexistent it seemed, was there. Whispering into the hearts of those who sought  a world much better than this, something beyond us. Slowly pushing into them the spirit of hope; an amber that would soon spark the greatest fire of all. And thus, it began; the search for something more. Surely there was something more. Something that breathed air into the lungs of our fathers and sisters, who rose the moon and set the bed the sun. Who washed the shores with grace and beauty, who created these magnificent forces of nature. Life. Surely there was more. Who gave the birds words to sing? And the lions glory to shine? Or the Savannas that homed elegant creatures… beauty? Enigmatic greatness. Breathtaking and graceful and intimidating and… surely there was something more.

Look. open your eyes, he said. Know that I am here. And he was. Is. Will be. For that I am certain. Such beauty and gold and light; something had to be there to bring it. Know that I am here. Through the darkness came the light. Through the fire came the gold. Through us, we find beauty.

We find him.

About Moriah

Hey! I'm just a girl who loves puppies, ice cream, and writing. You would most likely find me listening to pitter-patter of rain droplets before a storm. My favorite color is blue, and I love the word 'bubble' because there is no way to say it angry (I've tried). Anyways, thanks for tuning in! This community is awesome, and I'm glad you got a chance to be here today.

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