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Hi. I’m a Christian.

That phrase alone is enough spark an uproar, an excessive inflow of opinions and  reasons determining what I believe in is wrong. They try to point out logical fallacies in the Bible, poke holes through my faith and laugh at me, demeaning my faith. Some people dedicate their whole lives trying to ruin mine. But why? Why are people so opposed to the mere thought of a father who loves us? The answer lies in the corruption that lives in the streets of our homes. We want someone to blame for the losses in our lives. We want to understand why someone with a higher power would allow this destruction to run through the soil of our home. Since this deity is unseen, they resort to the people here on earth where their retaliation will be felt. And I get that. I understand the anger that would fuel the agony in many souls. There are so many questions of my own that run through many head perpetually, most with virtually no answers.

But at the end of the day, I’m reassured. I’m assured because the serenity and love and hope that fills me when I’m in his presence doesn’t need a scientific analysis proving its real. Because I know it is. And that’s how I stay a hopeful amidst a grueling storm. Hang tight folks.


About Moriah

Hey! I'm just a girl who loves puppies, ice cream, and writing. You would most likely find me listening to pitter-patter of rain droplets before a storm. My favorite color is blue, and I love the word 'bubble' because there is no way to say it angry (I've tried). Anyways, thanks for tuning in! This community is awesome, and I'm glad you got a chance to be here today.

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