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The mystery of it all.

I have been writing poetry for the last 8 months. And I have decided i’m ready to share some with all of ya’ll.

I wrote this one a while ago… so here ya go…

The Mystery Of It All

By Justin Bowers

I stand in the mist.

Wondering if I’ll ever see the sun.

I have put myself at the bottom of the list.

Deep down I can’t comprehend the fun.


As I lay on the cold grass I watch the world spin before my naked eyes.

The star in my heart is a minority.

They all stand and wonder at the sky as their spirits rise.

But my confidence has never been a priority.


The insecurities are overwhelming.

everyone’s eyes are locked on me in disgust.

Behind my smile my mind is screaming.

How do I learn to trust.


How is it that what I believe is not in love with what I feel.

In my glass box I stare at the love around me.

But my hand can not get passed the seel.

But I hope that I will learn to see me as they see me.


I will believe again as I look back and see that it all makes sense.

I will look at how the trees have survived the fall.

I will see that I have climbed over the fence.

I will understand the mystery of it all.

About Justin

Hi, I'm Justin. I'm just another dude trying to discover gods love in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy my articles. God changed my life, he can change yours. too. Enjoy.

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  1. This is beautiful. Hope you share more.

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