Raising Your Own Plant

As a kid who has always grown up in a Christian family and goes to a Christian school, I have been around the stories of God and Jesus so often that I barely hear them anymore. Church services continue to go in one ear and out the other, making no difference in my life. I know that the words are meaningful and need to be applied, but I don’t concentrate. My mind wanders to all of the things that I need to do.

In church, they will be playing songs for worship and I will catch myself saying the words but not paying attention to them. I know them because I have heard them for so long but I sing the melody without the meaning. After I realize that I’m not listening I focus on trying to think of the meanings of the words, trying to ask if they are true. I noticed that most of the songs we sing in church, state a commitment. They tell how we will trust God with our lives and always lean on him and I can’t help thinking that I don’t know if I can really commit to the words. I look at the people around me, raising their hands and closing their eyes, focusing on God and I wonder how they can sing of so much weight. The words that seem like a promise that I could get sucked into and not be able to fulfill that doesn’t scare them, they take the words and try to commit to them the best they can.

Recently I have been looking at my faith as if it is a plant. It’s young and hasn’t had very long to grow, it is just a little sprout trying to make a difference in the world. As most people know, when plants are little they need support from their grower, they need to have water and be put in a good enough place to get sunlight. If you treat it right it will do the rest. It will thrive and produce.

I believe that our spirit that connects with God is like this if we give it treat it right, it will grow within us, shining and making other people smile. If we give it what it needs and pay attention to it God will help with the other half, using it to make a difference in others. Eventually, with help from the grower and the plant, it will bear fruit and produce seeds. The seeds will travel to others where they have the opportunity to raise this small plant. Making their own faith.

The things that we receive from other people and choose to do are things that either help or faith or kill it. The words we hear from a pastor, speech, or writings could be water, but the discouraging things we hear from people around us or see on the internet could be like a bug, determined to tear us down.

We have a choice, we can help grow our plant, or we can ignore it, giving it things that will destroy it.

The people I see around me in the church have chosen to grow their plant. They have committed to growing it with God and have nothing to fear because they know God will do the other part.

When we choose to have a faith in God we can’t just half-heartedly step in, we need to jump with both feet, choose to grow our plant.

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