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What’d you expect?

We expect our ice cream to be cold, we expect our parents to take care of us, and we expect the fire to die. Don’t we have expectations for everything or almost anything? I know that I expect that I will graduate, and I expect to continue playing sports aka, volleyball. Did you ever think that God has a different plan for us? Maybe your skills won’t be used in the same way you thought. Maybe you have a skill, talent or passion that was hidden in the picture of all your qualities. As if God was developing different parts of your life to make it all work together, to make something bigger than you imagine.

God is a mystery to mankind, we know he’s a loving, caring father, but we don’t know what type of path we’ll tread with him to his kingdom. I’ve travelled the path of the green pastures, through the beautiful flowers and we all think “Yes! this is exactly the path I want to walk on, life feels so easy when I’m with you, so I will follow you.” How long do we hold onto this feeling? You can only walk through the plains so long, and if you think why can’t we just stay in the plains where it’s calm? God has a plan, a map for you to travel with him, he wants to bring you home.

Psalm 10:14 “14 But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.”

We are all orphans, I am an orphan, and he wants to take us to his kingdom, invites us to his home from the storm. All of this is encouraging, but there’s still one question, why does it feel so hard to get to heaven? Partially my answer would go to God’s decision. Now he didn’t decide that he wanted to hurt us just because, no that was not the decision he had made for us, he wanted us to be free. He didn’t want to live with robots.

Let me ask you this, If you were a god in a lonely dimension, let’s just say it’s nothingness. Wouldn’t you want to make friends so that you weren’t so lonely anymore? I see this as Gods view, though it may not be the whole reason he made us, but I believe God made us, not only to “make his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” But to have a relationship with us. “How does this relate to the pain that has been burdened on us?” And to you I say, having freedom can bring pain upon our souls. He wanted us to be free to decide whether we give into temptation and let burdens be bound upon our backs or to follow him. Even if we get into such a predicament where we make the wrong choice, He gives us a redemption countless times.

You had the worst day, you got your test back and you did poorly or even failed. Do you praise the lord that you lived to see another sunset. Your girlfriend broke up with you, Do you sob your heart away in regret that you could’ve done something better or do you thank God that his love is unchanging, overflowing and never ending?

What I’m trying to say is, you can’t expect everything to go perfectly, because chances are, they won’t. For it does not matter what the situation, but how you deal with it. 

I encourage you to never give up, even when times get rough, God did not, has not, will not forsake you. You know how I know? For over 2000 he’s loved us, 24/7  even after the countless mistakes we’ve made, you must ask yourself, would you rather have the temporary love that the earth has to offer or God’s love that lasts an eternity?



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I'm 15 year old giant who loves food, especially sushi, shrimp and watermelon. I've grown up in a Christian family and have known Jesus for all my life, but I want to explore him for myself.

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  1. This is a great article! I really enjoyed how you pictured God’s view, since I haven’t thought of that before.

  2. Wow. Beautifully written and full of rich thoughts and messages. The ties to scripture and bolded points tie this article together into a masterpiece.

  3. Nice article! I never thought of it that way.

  4. This is really well written and insightful! I think the points you made were really cool.

  5. I think the last question is easy but one that we always need to be reminded of, stay on the hard path to get to a easy beautiful one where you are loved and cared for forever, love and be loved, care and be cared for thanks for the reminder to stay on the hard path with a good ending.

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