In my very first article, I wrote about not feeling as though I have a purpose. I felt like I couldn’t make a difference and that God couldn’t possibly use me.  Over spring break I went on a missions trip to Mexico with my church and the experience was truly life changing. When I was there I was asked to share my testimony in front of the church. Even though I didn’t feel confident in my story because it seems as though it is the same as everyone else’s, I accepted.

I had no idea what I was supposed to say. As I was sitting in the service I started to panic. What was I supposed to say to the people there that would make a difference? When I walked up the stage I had a few ideas, I was going to talk about the people and how the small towns had impacted my view of life. When I got up to the stage, I started to change what I was going to say. I felt as though what I wanted to say wasn’t right and my mind was brought back to my old 9 words article. I thought about how the people there had affected me and how our group had affected them, how I had felt like I was making a difference.

I began speaking about my article and how I had felt as though I didn’t have a purpose before and how I felt like I couldn’t make a difference in the world and then the words just started to flow into each other and eventually I wasn’t stressing on what I had to say, I was just saying the things that I knew were true. I almost started crying when I realized that all of my words were right and what God wanted me to say.

I talked about how when I had gotten the idea for the trip it hadn’t been a very big deal to me but there was a constant nudge in my mind to get the papers in so I could go. I realized that that was God’s way of telling me that I needed to be on that trip. When I got to the time of the trip I still didn’t know why I was going, I felt like I wouldn’t make a difference but I was ready to accept whatever the experience gave me.

When we were there we were in a prominently Spanish community and only a few people spoke English and even though I didn’t know the language and I didn’t always understand the instructions or what I was actually supposed to be doing, I was still doing something and that something that was making a difference. When I was standing in front of that church sharing, I recognized how God had provided in so many situations to make a difference. It was brought to my attention that where ever God wanted me to serve, He would provide.

 “For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”
– Philippians 2:13

That is true at home too. I could have been placed in the group of people that thought that they couldn’t do anything to help the people in their community because it is to close to home and the people are the same as me. I know now that that is not true. I know that if God wants you to serve in your community he will provide a way for that to happen, but if he decides that he wants you to be doing his work elsewhere, he will give a way.

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  1. Wow this was really good to hear. I quite often think that God can’t use me and I wonder why I’m really here and what my purpose is. But this article shows how when God needs you to do something you will know.

  2. this is such an amazing article thank you for sharing it!

  3. This article has touched so many people. Its truly amazing.

  4. this was beautifully written thank you

  5. I honestly relate to this, and it’s good to be reminded why we’re here every once in a while. Nice work!

  6. wow, this article is very nicely written. It shows how God really needs us all and that we all mean something to him

  7. Thank you for this article! Sometimes, I still feel like I’m not sure of God’s purpose for me, or that I have much of a purpose. This article encourages me to realize how much God can use me, even if I think it might not be worth much. Keep sharing your experiences!

  8. Beautifully written witness of God’s loving and forever presence on your life. He knows you intimately…every detail! (Psalm 139). Some of us are to busy doing life to actually “get this” in such an early, tender age as yours. Thank you for sharing this testimony with clarity and honesty of heart.

  9. This is truly inspirational. I’m really grateful that I got the chance to read this piece of writing. It just proves that God is always finding ways to show the best of ourselves to others.

  10. this is a great article and shows that you can be used for anything! good job

  11. I love how this shows how everyone has a purpose even if they have not seen it yet

  12. This article is so inspiring, the thought of talking to people in a church is just terrifying, but you handle it so well.

  13. that was amazing you helped me with my faith a bit by saying that you had issues but found yourself through the mission and being on the stage it was amazing thank you for sharing your story

  14. That is so awesome that you went to mexico and to help them. God does provide to all of use in so many ways. one way that God provided my family is my mothers friend got her a job and company but it did take a while to get a response for a job and to decide in you should go or not. my mother said yes but she feels happy but sad that she’s leaving her other work friends but they said good for you, you should take that job, so she now feels relieved and God has provided.

  15. I love the way you showed reality in the situation, showing others it OK to feel like you don’t have a purpose but not for forever. You were destined to do more, and you can you are perfectly and beautifully made in Gods image, you can do this.

  16. this article is really really well written and inspiring. Sometimes it does feel like God cant use me, but this is a really great reminder that he can.

  17. Thank you for showing that everyone has a purpose, even if they don’t know it yet.

  18. This article showed me that God can use me even when I think otherwise. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Well written this is very inspiring. It is a great reminded that God has a purpose for everyone.

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