A Love Like This

Bubbly. Sarcastic. Quirky. These words often come to mind when describing me. However, spiritual is a word seldom mentioned, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that when it comes to basic events that occurred in  the Bible, I am not very well versed (no pun intended). To some, this might come off as shocking. I love expressing my faith, whether it be through song or speech (to my closest friends or family members). I just never find the time to read my Bible. Actually, that’s a lie. I have a plethora of activities that I could omit from my schedule, but I subconsciously make the decision to not do so each day. Maybe I’m scared of what I might find. Atheists these days find so many inaccuracies and aberrations in our Bible I’m afraid I might as well, and possible weaken a faith that is already bound to waiver.  

But sometimes I find myself in those moments of pure wonder; my idle mind glances at the pink thick book my mother got for me 7 years ago, a haven of dust still sitting on my shelf. What would happen if I… Fingers run across the backbone for the images playing in my head as my heart fills with emotion. Each page lined with stories of anguish, despair, and hope. Hope. That voice, that dream keeping you from breaking. That was probably what helped Job, one of (who I consider) the most inspiring people in historic times. His story is one of utter atrophy. Downfall. Setback after setback and still, an unwavering faith. How? His perseverance was almost figmental.

But he is (or was) living proof that such a faith, a relationship with God is possible. A bond and trust so strong it was enigmatic. A common misconception about Christianity is the life expected to follow. Many beginners hope that with this new faith comes the magic bubble that will eventually  protect us from all kinds of disturbance. When dilemmas do come our way, we blame God. We stop believing, as if our entire faith were based on a foundation so weak it was bound to break anyways. And unfortunately, this trend is so normal and common within the christian community it’s the number 1 reason people stop believing. But that is why I love this story so much; it’s an example of what Christians should do when faced with problems. It is difficult, as we will all come to learn, but possible. That kind of love? God already gives us. We just have to meet him halfway. And I want that.

I want to walk with full confidence in my God, knowing my heavenly father is here. To smile knowing that good will come to me in the end, even if it means tempest now. I acknowledge the fact that I still have a long way to go on this journey, but I am willing to make that an example of what my life should and could be (figuratively…you know, without the dying family and stuff). But only time will tell, right?

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