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A New Prescription

Glasses… annoying right? They keep crawling down the bridge of your nose, with the inevitable label that comes along with it. Gym class becomes a pain, dodging flying balls like they’re bullets. But all is well, for at the end of the day, they grant us full access to one of our most important senses. We could chose not to wear them, but how wise would that be?

One of my most favorable moments was the time I put my thick rimed, purple lenses on for the first time. Wow. Actual leaves instead of green blobs. I could read the sign boards over head our car as we drove past the now crystal clear city. Everything was beautiful…except it wasn’t. Because now, instead of a nice unified mix of colors, I saw imperfections everywhere. Dirt on the floor. Dust on the shelves. Cluttered items on our mantle. I had no excuse now; I had to clean it up. My mom would say, “you’re not blind anymore. I know you saw those crumbs you dropped on the ground,” and I did. There were also responsibilities that came with owning glasses. I had to keep them clean, safe, and away from all harm. I was surprised. I thought glasses came with no obligations, except for my need to wear them. I had this predefined, unrealistic perception of this ‘clearer life’, and believed that what I saw held true. Boy was I wrong.

I noticed that this thought process was also present when I first accepted God into my life. Reading the Bible for the first time was exhilarating, and I had this jubilant feeling that seemed to last forever. Everything was beautiful…except, it wasn’t. Because now, instead of a nice happy world that worked collectively and in solidarity, I saw imperfections everywhere. Those people who dedicate their lives trying to ruin others. Disasters and tragedies that pointed towards a God who didn’t love his people. I saw people who hadn’t met this amazing heavenly father of mine, who had been missing out on this invigorating ride I was on. I had no excuse now. It was my duty to (somewhat passively) remind them of the amount of love God had for them; to introduce to them this new world. My conscience would say,”You’re not blind anymore. I know you see that girl sitting alone at the playground,” and I did. There were also responsibilities that came with Christianity. I had to go about my daily business with a new mindset, knowing that I could not be innocently doing anything wrong. I had this predefined, unrealistic perception of this ‘clearer life’, and believed that what I saw held true. Boy was I wrong.

Because Christianity, (just like glasses) is not all people talk it out to be (stay with me here). I’m not saying that God loves us less than what he states (for his love immeasurable) or that some events that occurred in the bile are untrue or inaccurate (even atheist scientists concur with the bible, stating it as an accurate historical source for which can be accounted for). I’m talking about that image. The magic bubble, the superiority or exalt that most expected out of this faith. This life without responsibility, because we now had a father who could, “take care of it all.” God does promise to take things into his hands, so to speak (Psalm 37:3-6). However, that doesn’t mean we get to sit back and do nothing, for faith without work is dead (James 2:14-26). There is beauty to bee seen. There are times where it’s OK to leave it all up to God. But don’t forget what it actually means to be a Christian. Don’t forget to be a Christian.

Hang tight folks.

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  1. I am pretty blind, I have a -22 prescription, if you know what that means. I found this article very moving because it put me in a perspective that I understand and that I have not thought of of before. Thank you for letting me in on a secret that I have not known before.

  2. Thanks for this so much, I can relate to this a lot

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