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Dear Depression

Hello. We meet again.

I’m quite surprised for the last time seemed to end quite abruptly, with me in tears and you, again stronger. You started a war in my head that soon turned to salty beads crawling down my cheeks. You took my confidence and transformed it into something more hideous than I could bare. You controlled me, pushing down the voice in my throat that screamed for a reform. But I defeated you. I met someone who changed my life forever and silenced you.

But I see you’ve picked your new host. You come disguised as a silent voice that gradually rings louder until the loudness is deafening. You’ve picked your new host and I’m not ok with who it is, so I’m going to have to do this again.

See, I know how you think. I have learned to understand your mastery, the way you come disguised as a little thought that subtly reinforces the feeling of resentment. So I’ll overpower that. Everyday, with every hint of your existence, I’ll counteract with a smile. My words of wisdom will defeat, my hugs, kisses and love will blind and deafen. I’ll set to bed your grueling storm until it is merely a few droplets that whisper of the destruction your wrath laid in it’s daily run. I will extinguish this cycled pain that you believe will last forever.

Dear depression, I’ve beaten you before, and I’ll gladly beat you again. Because now I have a God by my side, one who set to bed the moon and rose the sun, one who’s moved mountains and calmed seas. I have a friend who’s determined to fight like the warrior she is. Dear depression, it was nice knowing you. I had the pleasure of meeting your other friends as well; Regret, Anxiety, and Guilt, as you carelessly invited them to my house. But I’m sorry to say, we must cut this visit short.



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