Comparing Catapults

Why do we compare ourselves? I know that you may be thinking that oh it’s just another one of those cliche love yourself kinda things that we all get sick of after hearing it for so long over and over again. You are loved, you are loved, just as you are. but after hearing these words so much they kind of loose their effect. as a girl who has grown up in an amazing home in an incredible family, I am so blessed. and I know that I am loved. I get told it every single day by both my family and friends. so if that is so, why is it then that I still compare myself to those around me. I a girl who is told this still has problems with comparing myself, you would think oh no she has it all together, perfect family perfect friends, she seems to have her life all put together. Please listen when I tell you, NOBODY HAS IT TOGETHER, nobody. That right there is probably one of the only things that humankind can actually all agree on. So after hearing that, why do you still compare?

Society. Society tells us what is “normal” and what your lifestyle should look like. all these things buzzing in the back of your brain like an angry group of wasps, waiting for their turn to come and sting your emotions and thoughts. My advice to you: block out those wasps. CHOOSE to block them out, choose to ignore, choose to choose better. Nobody except for you can make that choice.

As humans we definitely do not have control over everything. my oh my, if we did, let’s just leave that to being an imaginary gong show.  But what you DO have control over is yourself. You have the power to change your mindset on the way that you look at yourself and your life, both positive and negative. YOU choose to let those negative things creep into your life, so let me ask you, if YOU let those things creep into your life, why can’t you choose to rip them away from your life? If you can allow something you can control you can always find a way block it.

So then, how do you block it? How do you help yourself? Baby steps. First start with yourself, look to what makes you unhappy and what pushes your buttons in relationships. Think about the situation, and go through how you can step through the situation in a mature way, with others in mind and how to go about it in a way that is loving and respectful; how you would want to receive it. Above it all though, ask God, even if you don’t think that you have a relationship with him, or something like that, he will always listen. things won’t necessarily go the way that you expect it to go, but that’s because God is looking way down the road, past what you are capable of seeing, and he will lead you in the path that you need to take. All you have to do is listen with an open heart and mind and wait.

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