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Summer Camp

Hi, my name is Sam, I have struggled with my walk with Jesus throughout this past year. Especially during the summer because it was filled with times I didn’t even think I could go through. I found 5 of the greatest friends I could have because they actually accept me for who I am. It is crazy how much you can go through in 8 weeks of summer. I have had lovely times and bad times, my friends have filled me with joy every day, they are the thing that has helped me to not give up on my faith, they help guide me onto the right path.

Before the summer I was a Christian who says they are a Christian but never actually shows that they are. I always told people, Jesus loves you, Jesus cares about you, but soon I started to wonder if Jesus ever loved and cared about me. I tried my best to believe that he did but I just couldn’t think that. So I thought that summer camp would help, and oh boy it helped a lot.

The first week I worked God surrounded me with people who cared and loved about including my friends/bosses Taylor and Elijah. They were some of the people who carried me through the summer, for instance, one night at camp I was so scared about something so Eli stayed up for about an hour and 20 minutes, listening to me ranting and giving me advice to a bunch of different situations I was in. Also, there was Taylor, looking out for me every time I started to do something stupid. She would just say Sam with a loud voice and then I’d realize what I was doing and stop being stupid, I know that sounds little weird but it helped so much because it meant that someone was looking out for me. Taylor would also give great advice for anything I was doing.

Then finally the end of summer came and I was so sad to leave all my friends that I made, I was finally apart of a community. Then about 2 weeks later I was at church with my friends listening to the service outside then I started to talk a lot with my friends Trey and Hunter, then this man walked up to us and got mad for us talking and we were wondering why he just didn’t go into the service to listen, so we thought of him as a grumpy person. But after the service he walked up to us and apologized for coming off rude, of course, we said you weren’t, but then he just went into a story of how he wants us to listen to the gospel being preached, and I started to listen more because I genuinely thought it was interesting. He kept on talking about the gospel and how it is important, then he started talking about how he goes out every day and preaches the gospel to homeless people hoping and praying that they would accept God into their hearts. He told us that he thought if we would listen we could go out and do this too, I thought this was super cool. But overall, my friends and even strangers helped me gain my faith back and make it stronger. 

1 Corinthians 2:10-12

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