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If all humanity…

If all humanity looked at what was wrong with the world, turned to their neighbor, and asked them what THEY saw, they would probably find their answers to be incredibly similar.

We know who we are. Who we want to be. Who we don’t want to be.

We know.

So then why don’t we live what we believe? Why do we stay in our silence? Why do we continue to tighten our own chains?

If we all stood up, and did the right thing, I wonder what would happen.

We look, and we see.

Some of us DO.

We admire those who act, because we know that is what we want to do.

But I’ve heard too many times- I love what you’re doing, but I don’t think I could do that.

Wherever we are, however the world is, it’s familiar, and we like familiar.

People would rather face every pain, anxiety, depressing thought, as long as it kept them safe.

We would rather suffer than stand out.

It’s familiar.

In too many stories, peace and happiness is foreign.

Therefore, it is scary.

We were built to be afraid of the unknown,

of the mystery

It has kept us alive forever

yet we’re getting to the point in time that what we know can no longer save us.

What we know could be more harmful than what we don’t know.

We long for peace, for better days, to break from the box, but,

lets be honest.

The box is comfortable.

Why burn down the place we grew up in?

People say

Good for you

When somebody breaks the box, stamps it down, lights it on fire, and finds their voice.

Whatever voice that is.

They say good for you, because that’s what they want, but for so many

it’s easier to dream than to do.

They’d rather stay in their chains with everybody else.

Let their own minds torment them.

Let their truth be smothered

because the truth of humanity is frightening.

In a good way.

We can create so much destruction with a simple gun.

What happens when humanity bands together and uses their power of light to create something better?

What happens then?

Infinitely more strength for infinitely more good.

We have more power than we could ever know.

The only reason there is so much dark is because the dark is easy.

It doesn’t take much effort to destroy something.

With the light comes effort.

The light is stronger.

The light will always win.

The only reason it isn’t the only thing that’s left is because it’s easier to destroy than to create.

Let’s create something better.

About Felraya

I'm a person in this world. Living the greatness I see, and seeing the greatness I live. I take part in the junk of this world, and sift through the mud to find the gold. I love the world. I live here do I not? I chose to be here, and I intend to be here in the most passionate, intentional way possible. I love absolutely random humor. I love my family. My friends. My animals. (all the animals in the world. They are all mine.) I really enjoy hurting my brain with deep questions, and then annoying other people with deep questions. Poetry is my soul, and bike riding or swimming in a lake refreshes that soul. My heart is the light and the dark. My heart is the world. Magical things that don't make sense are my favourite, and I believe I too am a mythical creature. I take part in all of this. I shall explore every valley and hill. Every light place and the deepest of shadows. I will explore myself. And I hope that I can share what I find with you. My monsters are friendly and my dragons are kind. My demons posses great wisdom. That was a lot of beautiful words. ;) Let it all be random.

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  1. I’m speechless. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. 🙂

  2. Wow this truly is an amazing piece you have written. It speaks truth into the dark of the world, givel light to the lost.

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