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Jesus’ Tweaks

Hey, my name’s Dylan, and I guess I’m supposed to write an article. After thinking of some ideas, I settled on thinking that I should write about my spiritual journey, even if I don’t have much of one. I was born into a christian family at a very young age… I was born on Vancouver Island, a island west of Canada. Then when I was six years old I moved over to Edmonton, Alberta. If your not familiar where that is, it’s still in Canada, just east of the Rocky Mountains.

My family and I have gone to church each sunday, and now since I don’t know what to write I’ll include my favourite bible story. It’d probably be Mark 5, where Jesus chases out a demon into a herd of pigs. Then the pigs run into a lake and drown. The reason this is my favourite story is because it puts Jesus on a higher level then evil, even if it’s not a heartwarming story what everybody knows about. You know, I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be a bio, but the thing is is that I don’t know what to write about.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit off track. Jesus has always been in my life, doing little tweaks here and there. Like one week, I asked Jesus to do something to make him seem a little more real to me. I happened to take my driving test that week, and you can only get I think seven wrong before you fail. I got five wrong, and then I prayed that the Lord would help me, and I got twenty four right in a row. Then I remembered my prayer earlier in the week, and I was like “am I cheating???” But I do have my driving license now, and that’s that. I would write more about Jesus’ tweaks, but I think my essay’s long enough, so I’m good.

About Dylan Quiring

Hello, I’m Dylan and I have no idea what to write. However, I was born into a Christian family at a very young age… I tried. Between “I tried” and this sentence, there was a very large time gap, considering that right now I’m just trying to create a run on sentence so that way I can take up space so I have less to write. I mean, I live in Alberta, Canada, that’s somewhat interesting right… Probably not. My favourite bible story though is Mark 5:1-13 because it shows Jesus is on a higher level then evil. Well I guess that’s a paragraph, right?

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