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Real Friendship

God is good.

This weekend I went on a retreat with  my youth.  Going into the retreat I was thinking the same thing I always think before going on one of the retreats. “None of my really good friends are going, and I went last year, so is it worth going again?”  Despite my doubts I decided to go for the third year in a row.  The previous retreats have all been amazing, and this one followed suit.

On the Saturday night at the retreat, we all gathered indoors from the cold, and after my youth pastor had finished his message, he announced that we were going to have some prayer time.  But not personal.  More like community prayers.

We all gathered into groups, mostly with our own friends and started praying for each other.  As the time went on, you could tell that the atmosphere of the room had changed completely.  I had changed groups by then and had walked over to another girl in my youth.  I barely even knew her name, and yet I felt a connection to her.

She was crumpled in her chair, and she started sharing her story with the group.  Her sobs shook her whole body, and it was like I was feeling her pain.  I never heard her story, but I started to pray for her, and all of her friends were comforting her and the youth pastor was there to.  By the time she had started to feel God’s peace, I was in tears.  And I know I wasn’t the only one.

The next boy started talking, and I was struck by this groups willingness to be vulnerable around each other.  The boy was talking and you could tell who his friends were.  One of his closest friends started praying for him, and the support group that this boy, the one who was broken, crying and vulnerable had really hit me.  The tears I had been able to hold in before erupted.  This group of people were really special, and I didn’t know if they realized the luxury of the friends they had.  Not that their friends were rich or popular, but that their friends were real.  They related to each other on an intimate level.

The fact that God had created the relationships in that room, and those outside the room astounded me. These people had all come out of their pain, and brokenness and bonded together.  They related and connected on a level that I’ve never seen before.

How great is our God, that he can do that with people.

The atmosphere was buzzing, and I could feel the Holy spirit in the room.  It almost seems like through others, I’ve seen a bit of God.  The Bible tells us a bit about this in the verse “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

I love this.

I know that I may not be able to relate to a lot of people, and their situations, but there is always someone who can come by you.   And maybe its the other way around, maybe you can come by and relate someone else.

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