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The Search Is On!

Whether you like it or not, everyone searches for something. It can be the remote that slips through the couch cushion, or that one sock that will complete the pair, we all end up looking. But I, along with many others, are looking for something bigger, more powerful, and fulfilling. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, “Oh, you can’t buy happiness”. And I’m going to be honest, I get pretty happy when I buy a deep fried donut with creamy filling and a chocolate glaze. That’s only one example, though. Some people find happiness in sports, the exhilarating rush and exciting competition. Others in art, being able to express themselves and create something they’re proud of and can show to others.

This stuff, per se, can bring happiness, but in an earthly way. It is only temporary, and fills us with a feeling on a timer. Even the definition of happiness shows this – “The state of being happy”. It is only a state in which we are temporarily in. It can quickly shift and alter and leave us still looking. So if this is true, will we ever find true contentment? It seems as though this world, the humans that live in it, are doomed to be caught in a endless trap of peering into sofas and checking our laundry for that lost sock.

Many people find it hard to be happy. And it’s not their fault, know that. There is nothing wrong with anyone if they have difficulty being happy. This world today has so many things that weigh us down. Pressure from people around us, the desire to be like people around us, and the fear of being alone. But there is, what I like to call, hope.

We can find happiness! And as what was established before, it is not of this world. The Bible gives us a hint to this, in Colossians 3:2, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on Earth.” So if the Bible, a book known for it’s wisdom that surpasses time, says that we should focus on this that are “above”, then is that what we should do? And what is “above”, exactly?

For devoted Christians, the obvious answer would just be to agree, just because that is what the Bible says. But common sense says we should test this, and make sure we are not blindly following an instruction. And the Bible says this in Thessalonians 5:20-22 – “Do not treat prophecies with contempt, but test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.” Contempt meaning that something is worthless or is below consideration. Breaking down the context can help.

The book Colossians was a letter written by Paul, an early evangelist, to a group of believers in Colossae. The interesting part was that he wrote this in prison awaiting a trial. So Paul needed this the most, he is the one that understood it. If he focused on things of the world, he would be let down and disappointed and scared, to say the very least of his situation. This is the position we often find ourselves in. People let us down and circumstances can scare us. This is the human, imperfect life we live in. But God never let’s us down. He always wants the best for us. And he sees all there is, was, and is to come, essentially he sees the bigger picture. So to focus things on above means to look for God, look for the non-moving rock that is above us as flawed humans.

To cap this off, I will say that true joy cannot be found in this world. This world is temporary, and so are the things that it offers. Everyone goes through the search for this fulfilling joy, and I can tell you that I’ve found it. I’ve found it in God. It is timeless, lasts forever, and brings me through the toughest this world can throw at us. Paul knew it, and he shared it with us. So now we can go out knowing that happiness is possible, when we look for it in Jesus Christ.

John 14:27 Peace I leave you; my peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

About Whitney

Whitney is a chicken loving person who can’t decide whether is she is a cat or a dog person. With two loving parents and two more loving sisters, she has no shortage of excitement in her home. She is not a sports person and prefers to cheer her family on in the stands. Whitney is figuring out life through God and is dragging her friends along for the ride. The good thing about roller coasters, however, is that their not just scary, but fun.

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  2. I find that this fully true about searching for things in our heart or even in God’s mind for us so God want’s us to search for it instead of him giving it to us because we have to earn it not receive or be gifted the word or thought.

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