Childlike Wonder

In our modern world, with all of our technology, people may think we’ve cracked the code, or unlocked the secrets of how to do everything. Hilarious. Walk up to someone on the street, and ask them to explain how the sun works. How the amazon rain forest has become the size of a country. How a bat can find a fly in utter darkness. With all of our trust in our technology and knowledge, we have lost the simple ability to wonder.

This simple talent has been instilled in us since the day we were first created. It is what defines us as human. What separates us from the beasts of the earth.

And our society tells us to restrain it.

Don’t show emotion. No feelings. Unfascinated by anything. Simply going along with the current of our culture, desensitized to the beauty of the world surrounding us.

Not all currents have to be permanent. Don’t be afraid to marvel at the world our Lord has created for us to care for. Instead of checking your Instagram feed, try going outside and just sitting. Or instead of heading to L.A. for vacation, try going to Jasper, or to anywhere in the mountains. Just being in nature can bring you closer to our Lord and Creator.

So I invite you.

Don’t fear childlike wonder. It is what makes us human. What makes us created in the image of God.

Take some time to think about this.

The God who created the universe is the God who is closer than the air you breathe.

Childlike wonder.

I could use a lot more of that in my life.

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