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I Don’t Really Apologize For Sharing This Message.

Today I’m feeling annoyed. I’m annoyed by the disrespect, the pain, and the irrelevancy of the civilization we live in. All chasing something they can only find in themselves, people abandon their own logic, their own heart.

It’s not funny.

Instead of brainstorming how we can change the world for the better, we’re finding random angles in a circle. We have so much, and we’re so advanced, yet even one of the most influential people can’t persuade the best universities to do something.

We’re looking at how we can make self driving cars, while people are starving. We’re giving kids drugs because they can’t handle their emotion. They were never taught that it’s ok to be human and feel things.

Our society is so messed up, and it feels like nobody cares to do something about it. Maybe it’s just me, but I see more people making jokes about these things than actually taking action to change them. So caught up in our own image, we spur things on, excessively buying and getting rid of things, throwing out food because we had more than we could eat.

We’re worried about whether or not we have brand name clothes, while millions of people are dying from preventable diseases EVERY DAY. We have everything, and we’re too busy sitting on our couches and watching TV to even think about the rest of the world. What we have DOES NOT EXIST FOR THE MAJORITY OF HUMANITY. We have everything, and we do nothing with it.

It’s not about having things and getting THAT. That is what Adam and Eve did. They reached for something outside of themselves and brought the fall upon themselves. We have everything, and we’re taught to get more and more to drown out our HUMAN EMOTION.

THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER. Look INSIDE OF YOURSELVES, dear humanity. You have more power than you could ever imagine. Please, dear humanity. Let’s make a difference.

About Felraya

I'm a person in this world. Living the greatness I see, and seeing the greatness I live. I take part in the junk of this world, and sift through the mud to find the gold. I love the world. I live here do I not? I chose to be here, and I intend to be here in the most passionate, intentional way possible. I love absolutely random humor. I love my family. My friends. My animals. (all the animals in the world. They are all mine.) I really enjoy hurting my brain with deep questions, and then annoying other people with deep questions. Poetry is my soul, and bike riding or swimming in a lake refreshes that soul. My heart is the light and the dark. My heart is the world. Magical things that don't make sense are my favourite, and I believe I too am a mythical creature. I take part in all of this. I shall explore every valley and hill. Every light place and the deepest of shadows. I will explore myself. And I hope that I can share what I find with you. My monsters are friendly and my dragons are kind. My demons posses great wisdom. That was a lot of beautiful words. ;) Let it all be random.

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  1. You have a spirit in yourself that finds joy and peace in speaking out to other people. Keep that spirit alive, because it is one of the most beautiful things humanity has and will see for a long time.

  2. She strikes again! Yet another fantastic article 🙂

  3. This is very eye-opening you should publish some of these professionally sometime! (Yes they’re THAT good!)

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