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The Moral Argument

Faith, that is the question. It is really easy to say “yeah I believe” just to follow aimlessly because you heard that the bible is all truth. People around you believe it, that its life-changing, but you don’t want to be the odd one out so you agree and join. So yeah it’s easy to crack open a bible once a month and take a glance, go to church every Sunday and agree to what the pastor is saying like a zoo animal saying it’s easy to live in the wild. Living another life and following a command that was given to you by society to be a “good person”. But what is a good person? 

 The first thing to come to mind is the average citizen, you go to church every Sunday, the kids go to a good school and are always respectful. You give a can or so to the food back and donate a loonie to a foundation at a store after spending a hundred. In human eyes that are the ideal figures, to look perfect and put together. Always neat in the church and to carry around a leather bible case with a sticker from your kids showing you value your faith but also your kids. But if you are still that person but don’t declare your faith to God, in the end, you won’t go to heaven. The debate was always I’m a good person why do I not go to heaven? But tell me this, if you are kicked out of your home and go to a mansion and say I am coming to live with you, “Because I’m a good person”. They will say no because it doesn’t matter how “good” of a person you are… you have no relationship with this person. You need a relationship with a person for them to let you into their home, the same with God. If you have no relationship with him it doesn’t matter how “good” of a person you are you can’t expect to show up one day and demand a place in his home to stay. 

So I ask, are you just a person who cracks open the bible on and off, or are you committed. This will change your life so are you in? Full send or no send there is no in-between. Are you just the “I am a good person”, or are you really in it for the long haul. 

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  1. Hey! That was a really good article! I like the choice of words that you used and how you delivered the message clearly. Great work!

  2. this message was very impactful on my day. thank you.

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