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I'm a person in this world. Living the greatness I see, and seeing the greatness I live. I take part in the junk of this world, and sift through the mud to find the gold. I love the world. I live here do I not? I chose to be here, and I intend to be here in the most passionate, intentional way possible. I love absolutely random humor. I love my family. My friends. My animals. (all the animals in the world. They are all mine.) I really enjoy hurting my brain with deep questions, and then annoying other people with deep questions. Poetry is my soul, and bike riding or swimming in a lake refreshes that soul. My heart is the light and the dark. My heart is the world. Magical things that don't make sense are my favourite, and I believe I too am a mythical creature. I take part in all of this. I shall explore every valley and hill. Every light place and the deepest of shadows. I will explore myself. And I hope that I can share what I find with you. My monsters are friendly and my dragons are kind. My demons posses great wisdom. That was a lot of beautiful words. ;) Let it all be random.

Deep Squiggles Pondering The Mundane

Emotions are things that I’ve lived with my whole life. They’re my friends in a way. They teach me who I am, they validate my experience. In turn I validate them. I’ve been through a couple traumas in life. More than a couple. I’ve been through a lot. With every …

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Emotional Poverty

People all over the world are starving to death, passing of preventable diseases, and being worked to death. Their physical needs are unmet, and so they die. This is called poverty. On the other end of the world, though, we have everything we need, and most of what we want. …

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Yellow Elephant

Hey, I’m a person. I was given a computer, and some orders to share with the world my thoughts on spirituality and life. I don’t think they realized that they unleashed a monster. So, I kinda sorta apologize for the extent, depth, and confusion that has been brought about due …

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