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Dylan Quiring

Hello, I’m Dylan and I have no idea what to write. However, I was born into a Christian family at a very young age… I tried. Between “I tried” and this sentence, there was a very large time gap, considering that right now I’m just trying to create a run on sentence so that way I can take up space so I have less to write. I mean, I live in Alberta, Canada, that’s somewhat interesting right… Probably not. My favourite bible story though is Mark 5:1-13 because it shows Jesus is on a higher level then evil. Well I guess that’s a paragraph, right?

Jesus’ Tweaks

Hey, my name’s Dylan, and I guess I’m supposed to write an article. After thinking of some ideas, I settled on thinking that I should write about my spiritual journey, even if I don’t have much of one. I was born into a christian family at a very young age… …

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