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Hi, I'm Justin. I'm just another dude trying to discover gods love in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy my articles. God changed my life, he can change yours. too. Enjoy.

Broken dreams, Beautiful destinations.

I just wanted to share something with all of you that I truly believe may help you…   In case you didn’t know, I have depression, and adhd. I have been suicidal many times in the past. For the last 6.5 weeks I have been trying new antidepressants. And they …

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The mystery of it all.

I have been writing poetry for the last 8 months. And I have decided i’m ready to share some with all of ya’ll. I wrote this one a while ago… so here ya go… The Mystery Of It All By Justin Bowers I stand in the mist. Wondering if I’ll …

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We were meant for another world.

Death, famine, murder, heartbreaks, broken dreams. This world is broken, there’s no denying that. Why is there so much bad, and so little good. Were we put on this earth to suffer? Have we been left hopeless in the dust of a catastrophic tragedy. Is pain what we were meant …

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Taking off the veil.

A teacher asked my class “Whats the last thing you put on before you go to school”. I and others answered and we were wrong. He then said “A mask”. Now, this was one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. But for many, I think, It’s actually the first …

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Through the fire comes the gold.

Do you ever wake up and ask yourself “Why?”. Why does every day feel like your trapped in a box with no key? Why is it that no one seems to understand? Why do I try when nothing seems to work? Will I ever get through this pit of utter …

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Transform , Not Conform.

_________________________________________________________________________ We are Not to conform but to transform. In 2009  in Canada, there were 3,890 suicides. In 2012 in Canada, there were 3,926 suicides. On average in the world there are one million suicides every year. According to WHO in the world a person commits suicide every 40 seconds. …

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Escaping the cycle, and discovering the beauty.

Wake up, Get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work or school, come home, go to sleep, REPEAT. The cycle. It seems to never end. Day after boring day. Is this what God wants?  Its like, every day is the same. Sure, we look forward to the weekend, Christmas, summer etc. …

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The Journey Of Friendship

Friends, in many ways, can be one of the best parts of our day-to-day life. But what happens when you lose that one person you trusted? What happens when that one person you thought would always be there has taken a stab at your heart?  My mother has always said …

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