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Keltie M

Keltie likes to hang out and read books she also likes to play outside. Keltie’s least favorite subjects in school is math it is hard and difficult but she loves La when she gets to read all class that’s her favorite. She also loves to hang out with horses and play with them, they are a great therapy animal sometimes after a hard day at school or work. She also loves cute and cuddly things that are super soft because they are amazing. She has a little brother and a mom and dad they are super awesome. Her mom loves horses and cute and cuddly things as well to a degree of stealing her children’s cute things that are usually stuffed animals. She also likes to watch some tv after a long day or just because it involves no work. She also likes listening to songs because they are cool and help her concentrate on one thing.

This Is Real Life

Have you ever woken up and been like, “Dang it. Why is it not Friday yet?” Well, that is me about 50% of the time. Every day is a marathon, believe me. You wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast. Then you catch the bus, sitting for …

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