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Hey! I'm just a girl who loves puppies, ice cream, and writing. You would most likely find me listening to pitter-patter of rain droplets before a storm. My favorite color is blue, and I love the word 'bubble' because there is no way to say it angry (I've tried). Anyways, thanks for tuning in! This community is awesome, and I'm glad you got a chance to be here today.

A Love Like This

Bubbly. Sarcastic. Quirky. These words often come to mind when describing me. However, spiritual is a word seldom mentioned, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that when it comes to basic events that occurred in  the Bible, I am not very well versed (no pun intended). To some, this …

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The New Trend

  Issues. I’m surrounded by them, each one more agitating than the next. They tear apart the illusion I naively created to block out reality, but the unvarnished truth always rears its ugly face. I can’t stand it. But the issue most present in my life and peers around me …

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A New Prescription

Glasses… annoying right? They keep crawling down the bridge of your nose, with the inevitable label that comes along with it. Gym class becomes a pain, dodging flying balls like they’re bullets. But all is well, for at the end of the day, they grant us full access to one …

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It’s Ok to Be Broken

Admit it… It’s easier to run away. It’s easier to pretend that you didn’t just spend the better half of your night in tears. Who wants to? Some problems just  get too heavy, that  we’d rather stay silent and act like our backs aren’t about to break. We smile and laugh, …

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Hi. I’m a Christian. That phrase alone is enough spark an uproar, an excessive inflow of opinions and  reasons determining what I believe in is wrong. They try to point out logical fallacies in the Bible, poke holes through my faith and laugh at me, demeaning my faith. Some people …

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Light through the Darkness

‘Twas a bleak and horrid enclosure. A world plagued with the sin of the people, the falling of empires. Downpour. Wars. The blood of the innocent rained many. But still, amongst that storm, trailing the ruins of that fire, was the gold. Though nonexistent it seemed, was there. Whispering into …

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