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Whitney is a chicken loving person who can’t decide whether is she is a cat or a dog person. With two loving parents and two more loving sisters, she has no shortage of excitement in her home. She is not a sports person and prefers to cheer her family on in the stands. Whitney is figuring out life through God and is dragging her friends along for the ride. The good thing about roller coasters, however, is that their not just scary, but fun.

Making a Masterpiece – Inside Out

Alright, all you artsy people out there, raise your hand! 1, 2, 3, 4… cool! Ok, sporty people- oh wow! Your turn scholars. Alright, awesome. Musicians? Cooks? Animal lovers? Humans, any humans? We all know what it’s like to make a masterpiece. For art lovers, it can be a sketch …

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The Search Is On!

Whether you like it or not, everyone searches for something. It can be the remote that slips through the couch cushion, or that one sock that will complete the pair, we all end up looking. But I, along with many others, are looking for something bigger, more powerful, and fulfilling. …

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