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02 – life

The Gift of a Lifetime

When you close your eyes and picture paradise what do you see? Do you see crystal blue water coming onto a white, sandy beach? Do you see a rain forest with vibrant flowers? Or maybe a flower filled field on a summer day? Our life is the most extraordinary thing. There’s beauty …

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Rebuilding Hope

I’m a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. Two straight last place finishes, a boatload of injuries, and all too many players saying “No, I don’t want to play in Edmonton”. It’s tough. Sometimes, I wonder why I don’t just cheer for a team that wins. Then I remember that there …

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About Your Tongue

We all have problems. Some of us are a little impatient. Some us could use more self-control, or be a little more gentle. These problems we think about. We also think about other smaller problems as well, such as what to have for lunch. But do we ever think about …

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The Car

Let me tell you a story.      There once was a man who bought a car. It was a beautiful car. Leather interior, heated seats, automatic this and that; you get the picture. However, regardless of the car’s beauty, the man had bought it because this car was known for …

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A Rainbow Moment

This past Sunday, I was helping out in Sunburst, Sherwood Park Alliance Church’s children’s ministry, in the Kindergarten/Grade 1 class. The lesson was based on Noah and the ark, a story that we have all heard about God getting fed up with us humans,getting Noah to build an ark and …

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