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If Heaven Didn’t Exist

A while back (in October), i was at a youth retreat with the Heartland youth and young adult ministry. During the Saturday we were all split up into three different “workshops.” I was in the girls workshop. There we made paper hearts to put whatever we wanted in them. After we …

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Spiritual Flaws

How is it that people can easily see the flaws in themselves and others, but when asked about their strengths, they get defensive? Are we afraid of what others might think? Scared of boasting? God gave everyone spiritual gifts. Perhaps it is being able to walk up to people you don’t know …

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The S.W.A.T. of Heaven

So why is it that if God can control everything, he doesn’t control us? Why doesn’t God stop us from picking up that cigarette or grabbing that bottle of wine from our “friend’s” hand? IT’S BECAUSE HE LOVES US When you really take a look at this -and not a …

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