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A New Prescription

Glasses… annoying right? They keep crawling down the bridge of your nose, with the inevitable label that comes along with it. Gym class becomes a pain, dodging flying balls like they’re bullets. But all is well, for at the end of the day, they grant us full access to one …

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Light through the Darkness

‘Twas a bleak and horrid enclosure. A world plagued with the sin of the people, the falling of empires. Downpour. Wars. The blood of the innocent rained many. But still, amongst that storm, trailing the ruins of that fire, was the gold. Though nonexistent it seemed, was there. Whispering into …

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21 Century: What Does It Mean For Girls??

Are you a girl in the 21 century? Well, you may be asking the same question I am… Did I sign up for this?? Sometimes I look back on past memories and I wish there was a rewind button, where you could experience things all over again. For me, I …

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Inner Beauty

The past two months I have been praying to God every night. “God please give me your love so that I may love everyone the way you love them and help me be more like you so I won’t reject anyone.” I felt like God has been working in me …

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His Most Precious Gift

People will degrade you.  They will mock you, they will hurt you, and they will tear you down. Isn’t there a problem with this? Shouldn’t we be building people up, and not tearing them down? We should encourage, love and accept others. Isn’t that what Jesus is all about? It …

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The Gift of a Lifetime

When you close your eyes and picture paradise what do you see? Do you see crystal blue water coming onto a white, sandy beach? Do you see a rain forest with vibrant flowers? Or maybe a flower filled field on a summer day? Our life is the most extraordinary thing. There’s beauty …

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