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It’s Ok to Be Broken

Admit it… It’s easier to run away. It’s easier to pretend that you didn’t just spend the better half of your night in tears. Who wants to? Some problems just  get too heavy, that  we’d rather stay silent and act like our backs aren’t about to break. We smile and laugh, …

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Lord of All

This past week of encounter has been fruitful, as always. Four times a year, we set aside this week to encounter God, hence the name. But are we willing? Willing to set aside time in our busy schedules to actually feel God? My teacher told me that if you’re not being …

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New Edges

Faith. What in the world is faith? What does it mean to have faith? This week God brought a group of us teens here to work through youth Alpha with the teens here in Behchoko NWT. These are the questions that as teens we are exploring together. God is stirring …

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Eye of the Storm

My eyes are closed. The frantic echos and dizzying demands  of the past few weeks is silenced. The pressure from my headphone is the only thing that reminds me that I am still present on this earth. Hillsong pours out into my ears and into my soul, and I find …

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For a long time I’ve been wondering how real and alive my faith is, and to be honest, it seems pretty dead to me. No matter how many books I read about faith or how many prayers I pray, It’s like I’m spiritually numb. I know that everyone has a …

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