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In my very first article, I wrote about not feeling as though I have a purpose. I felt like I couldn’t make a difference and that God couldn’t possibly use me.  Over spring break I went on a missions trip to Mexico with my church and the experience was truly …

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Making a Difference

This subject has been on my heart quite a lot lately and I thought I would challenge you. How are you making a difference in your own life and others’ lives? What honestly breaks my heart is seeing my peers around me every day and knowing that some are struggling. Maybe …

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God calls us all to do different acts of serving for Him–whether we want to or not. I recently experienced God calling me. I knew what He needed me to do; only problem was that I didn’t want to do it. I was listening to a Pastor talk about neighboring …

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where is the wind blowing?

I would bet that most people remember the Lord of the Rings movies.  In one of the beginning scenes where Gandalf sends Frodo on a quest, Frodo screams “I’m going on an adventure!”, and then starts running through a meadow, hair blowing in the wind, map in hand, out to …

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