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In Defense of Jesus Loves Me

We scoff at the cliche, the sunday school answers. We refuse to acknowlege the repeated. But I think perhaps it has gone to far. Perhaps the pendelum has swung into the complete other direction. Because when trying to figure out who you are, there is no greater truth than that …

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Seconds to live

There is a big difference between life and death. One means your here on earth, one means your not. What does it come down to when we only have a second before we go from earth, to heaven or hell? We need to make a choice. Are we going to …

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Spiritual Flaws

How is it that people can easily see the flaws in themselves and others, but when asked about their strengths, they get defensive? Are we afraid of what others might think? Scared of boasting? God gave everyone spiritual gifts. Perhaps it is being able to walk up to people you don’t know …

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Taters an’ Christ

They don’t relate, you say? Actually, they kind of do.   When you plant a potato plant, you can harvest the crop later. But did you know that for all the potatoes to blossom, one has to die? It’s called the seed potato. It’s a mushy, brown, and ugly potato …

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