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Lonesome battle

Going through a hard time is tough. But going through it alone, or at least feeling like you are going through it alone makes it seem nearly impossible. Lately I just haven’t been myself. Where is God in these moments? These moments where I am constantly¬†searching for truth, and desperately …

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Or is it just me?

Does the end of the school year seem terribly tough to get through? Or is just me? Is it that weariness seems to be in control? Or is it just me? Do classes feel super long? Does studying seem harder then ever? Does staying calm in the storm seem nearly …

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Joy of Jesus

The other night as I was running on the track, I noticed a big group of people walking towards. I was a little intimidated at they came over. As they got nearer, I noticed that it was a group of people with some special needs. I occasionally see them at …

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I recently have been very tired, and at the point where the thought of school ending soon is one of the only things keeping me smiling. It’s not that I am angry or sad, it’s because I am so weary. With finals coming up, and the pile of homework being …

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With the constant hurry of school, and the stress that follows it, I have recently felt like my faith is dwindling. Although I still know Jesus, and love him for who he is, and what he’s done; I feel like other things are getting in the way of the relationship …

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The Barbed Wire Fence

My favourite thing to do in the world is ride my horse. The field lies out ahead of us like a runway. I can feel her muscles bunching under her speckled, white fur as she prances in anticipation. I hold her back, just for a moment, and lean forward slightly. …

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