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Overwhelmed By Love

I needed to think after Missions today. I needed to think about my heart, think about my purpose, think about why in the world God chose me to be a part of your team, be a part of this community of Missions 10, why He chose me to go down …

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Coffee Under the Stars

Remember all those posts about Los Angeles 2014? Remember all those angsty, emotional days that churned our hearts and made us yearn to do more? Have they gone away? Nope. Have I realized that they probably will never go away? Yep. Tonight, I got home and stared up at the …

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Driven into Mission

What do you do when God disturbs your heart? When He makes you uncomfortable and uneasy and maybe a bit broken? Yesterday I left school and headed off to work. As I sat in my car, I was unable to go inside Quiznos and get supper before my shift. I …

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Little Needs.

Lately it feels like I have been stuck in a rut.  Stuck inside this feeling of loneliness, emptiness and meaninglessness.   Inside me, I was forgetting how God worked, I forgot how He worked in every small detail. A week or so ago, I was out shopping alone, spending time …

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So I’m home now. My heart feels like it’s throwing up. I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s going on at DC and it makes me sick that I’m back here living my perfect over-indulgent life. It feels so weird to have a closet full of clothes. I’m so used …

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A Dedication to You

I’m pretty sure all of grade nine at SCA can agree on something. We all look forward to bible class. For the past few years, we have moaned and groaned about dragging ourselves to bible class. Every year was the same thing, learn the material and go. We never learnt …

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