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Beautifully, Perfect Change

Personally, I am a planner. I have my future completely planned out ahead of me. But lately, a roadblock has gotten in the way of all this. Something has happened that is causing me to redirect all of my forthcoming intentions. A few months ago, I was informed that this will …

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Cars, Boats and Helicopters

My dad told me this story once that I’ve been thinking about a lot. It goes like this: A God-fearing man was in grave danger. His neighbourhood was in danger of flooding but still he didn’t fear. He prayed to God and was certain that God would save him. As the …

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Driving Our Lives

Last night I was reading my book called “The Purpose Driven Life”, written by Rick Warren. I took note on one particular chapter which was chapter 3 what drives your life? In the chapter it listed 5 main points that drive peoples lives: People driven by guilt ( when we hang …

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