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The Question

When helping out at Preschool Sunday school, you see and hear the weirdest things. This weekend was particularly unique. With kids running into walls on purpose while laughing about being invincible, to little 3-year-old boys telling girls they like them because their cute, there’s always something to laugh about. One …

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Just a thought.

How many times have you heard people blame struggles on society? People often say “society says I need to look pretty”… Or “society says I need to do drugs to be considered cool”. To be honest, I find that the lamest thing that anybody can say. Here’s why… We are …

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The Sound of Worship

Worship is an important thing when it comes to life; it keeps us connected with God. My form of worship is music. Music has always been one of my greatest interests. I have been playing music since grade one, and have enjoyed it greatly. My brother and I used to …

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The Way

“Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” -John 14:6 All verses in the bible have their own unique story, especially those of around Jesus’ time in the bible. Throughout the New Testament Jesus says many things that …

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Where are we?

In today’s world many ask the same questions over and over. Everyday we ask questions whether it is about religion or not. In the Bible, it talks about how we should do everything for the glory of God. Where is God? God is everywhere all the time since the beginning and till …

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